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  1. [Hall Of Fame] Best Rate My Team - Successful Team
  2. [XY OU] Divine Warriors
  3. [Gen 6 OU] Return of the Dragons
  4. [XY OU] Arcana Dust
  5. Nội quy post bài tại Box Rate My Team
  6. [Gen 6 OU] Hazardless Stall
  7. [X/Y OU] All Hail The King
  8. [XY OU] The Fairy's Wraith
  9. [XY OU] The Return Of Blastoise
  10. [XY OU] Sand Team XY, này thì nerf :p
  11. [Gen 6 OU] Be Brave
  12. [XY OU] No Hazards Allowed
  13. [XY OU] I Want To Know
  14. [XY Uber] Gà chiên Ajiquick
  15. [X/Y OU] M-Heracross Team
  16. [XY OU] The Boys Are Back
  17. [XY OU] Hyper Offensive - Reckless
  18. [XY UU] V-Create to Victory
  19. [XY OU] Fate
  20. [Double OU] Stratos Ultima (Peak #1 Double)
  21. [OR/AS] HO - Kings of the Ancients
  22. [ORAS OU] Deadly Sins (Peak #5 Single OU)