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[Fire Red Hack] Pokemon Oro Sole (Released beta 1)
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    A45 Pokemon Oro Sole (Released beta 1)

    1. Introduction
    Where everything starts

    Professor Elm is a scientist who has dedicated his life to study Pokémon.
    He's still young but he enjoys a great respect among other researchers thanks to his astonishing discoveries, like those related to Pokémon evolution.

    One day, while he's working, Prof. Elm gets an e-mail from an acquaintance called Mr. Pokémon:
    "I made a sensational discovery! You have to see it!"
    Unfortunately, Prof. Elm is too busy to leave his laboratory, so he decides to ask someone for help... and that person is you!

    "Please, - asks you Prof. Elm - visit Mr. Pokémon for me and take a look at his discovery."
    A generous and curious person like you can't sure say no!

    Then Prof. Elm shows you three Pokémon telling you:
    "Choose the one you'd like to take with you."
    It's an important moment: you're going to receive your very first Pokémon.

    Afterwards you realize a boy outside is spying you from the window. You never seen him before, but he looks as old as you.
    So you leave the laboratory to meet him. But once there, he pushes you away shouting:
    "Hey, what are you looking at?"

    Who is that strange boy? And what about Mr. Pokemon's discovery?
    You will discover it soon...

    2. Technical Data

    Some basic information
    Code Base Pokémon FireRed US v1.0
    Language English

    Original Author
    Staff and Skills (no particular order)
    • HackMew ASM Hacker, Beta Tester, Graphics Artist, Mapper, Overworld Editor, Palette Editor, Scripter, Spriter, Text Editor, Tile Editor
    • Mastermind_X ASM Hacker
    • ZodiacDaGreat ASM Hacker, Beta Tester, Mapper, Scripter, Text Editor
    • Halfshadow Music Hacker
    • Synyster_Lili aka Zeikku Beta Tester, Graphics Artist, Mapper, Music Hacker, Overworld Editor, Palette Editor, Scripter, Spriter, Text Editor, Tile Editor
    • Gamer2020 Beta Tester, Mapper, Overworld Editor, Palette Editor, Scripter, Text Editor, Tile Editor

    Programs Used
    • A-Map v1.92
    • A-Trainer v0.9.1
    • APE v1.4.0
    • Cyclone Prototype v1.4.86
    • FSF v1.2.4
    • GNU Assembler v.2.19.1
    • Hex Editor
    • Hacked unLZ-GBA v1.0.2
    • OER v1.2.0
    • RHEA v1.2.0
    • Tile Molester v0.16
    • VBA Link v1.80
    • VBA SDL-H v1.72
    • XSE v1.1.1
    5. Media Center
    Nothing but how the hack looks like

    Link topic: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=200973

    :dl: TẢI GAME
    Toàn hacker chuyên nghiệp ko đấy, chơi toàn hàng kỉ thuật cao , tuy nhiên về tile, và sprite chưa có mấy pro nên u nào thấy mình giỏi vào đăng ký làm bản này chơi cho vui

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