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Thread: secret in Rockman operate shooting star

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    secret in Rockman operate shooting star

    *Rock enter Internet Areas 16 (Forte's area) and spots a Clock Warp. Then stops*

    Netto: Hey, isn't that one of ClockMan's warp? Don't tell me that guy's back!

    Rock: Even if he does, we'll take him down!


    Rock: Netto-kun, someone's coming!

    *FLASH. Flash fades to reveal Burai in front of the warp*

    Burai: So... This is the past.

    Rock: Who are you?! Are you an ally of ClockMan or Shooting Star Rockman?

    Burai: Shooting Star... Rockman? Hah! Like I'll be caught dead working with HIM!

    Burai: Well, let's see if people 200 years in the past... (fast text) is up to my standards!

    Netto: He's really eager, we have no choice! Battle operation, set!

    Rock: In!

    *1 battle later*

    Burai: Ugh. Even 200 years in the past, I still lose to Rockman!

    Rock: As long as Netto-kun and I work together, we can beat anyone!

    Burai: Why... Why are bonds important in this time as well?... Huh?

    Burai: This power... it's amazing! Can it be... him?

    Rock: Hey, what are mumbling about? Who is HIM?

    Burai: ...

    *FLASH. Flash fades to reveal a program disk and Burai and the warp gone*

    Rock: No! He already left!... What was the power he spoke of?

    Netto: Let's explore this area a bit more, maybe we'll find it!

    Rock: OK!

    Program Get: Rockman gets 'Future Data!'

    Rock: Let's try installing this in our HP!

    Reward: Ability to fight Burai ZZ (1500) in your HP. Drops various amounts of zennies and random chips.
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    Láo toét, ai bảo cái này là secret?

    Nó là sprite remake Rogue bên TREZ rồi post lên làm truyện thôi đâu ra secret

    Thôi dẹp topic

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    Chẳng hiểu cái gì sất.Dốt tiếng Anh mà lị.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtan View Post
    Láo toét, ai bảo cái này là secret?

    Nó là sprite remake Rogue bên TREZ rồi post lên làm truyện thôi đâu ra secret

    Thôi dẹp topic
    Dẹp thì dẹp :-j

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    1 là thùng rác, 2 là sữa topic, chọn cái nào
    btw, xin ghi rõ nguồn khi copy nhá!

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    Ban đầu đọc vào cứ tưởng là thật, đến sau nhìn cái ảnh battle mới thấy láo vì thế đứng cũng như kiếm của Burai đâu phải như vậy

    Thôi close nhé.

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